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Make or Buy

Source : Procurement Glossary
Auteur: Paul Rogers
Institut: CIPS - UK

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The make or buy decision is between making a good or providing a service in-house, or buying the good or contracting for the service from external suppliers.  It precedes the procurement process and is a strategic decision that defines the boundary of the organisation.


When organisations understand their ‘core competence’ and know in which activities they have a relative competitive advantage over competitors, it makes strategic sense to undertake those activities internally.  For example, in running an airline, it is possible to ‘wet lease’ the aircraft and crew, buy-in the ground-handling and check-in services and contract out the sales and customer interface.  This is possible because these are mature supply markets, with competition, which might enable the virtual airline to obtain these services at a lower cost than if it sought to engage in these activities with its own resources. In this example, the core competence of the airline would be in planning a network, i.e. deciding where to fly to and from, obtaining the slots from the relevant airports, negotiating with governments, buying aviation fuel, and developing and promoting their brand.


In practice not all make or buy decisions or ‘do or contract’ decisions involve systematic cost comparisons, benchmarking external and internal costs, and the shape of some organisations owes as much to the legacy of historical choices as to current strategic opportunities.  See also Outsourcing and Transaction Cost Economics.










Offres d'Emploi
Directeur Achats & Supply Chain H/F - Equipement rang 1 Aéronautique
     Bordeaux  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Coordinateur Logistique H/F - Industrie/Production
     Seine-et-Marne  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Déclarant Douane F/H
     Marseille  -  PERM  -  Fed Supply

Acheteur IT Groupe Anglais Courant F/H
     PLAISIR  -  PERM  -  Fed Supply

Chargé de Mission Supply Chain H/F - Entreprise à dimension internationale
     Reims  -  TEMP  -  Michael Page

Gestionnaire Transport & Logistique H/F - Secteur industriel
     Nantes  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Chef d'équipe logistique F/H
     Port-Saint-Louis-Du-Rhône  -  TEMP  -  Fed Supply

Directeur Achats Automobile H/F - Leader mondial
     Essonne  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Chef d'Equipe Logistique H/F - Transport et logistique
     Seine-et-Marne  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Approvisionneur H/F - Entreprise industrielle
     Bagneux  -  TEMP  -  Page Personnel

Manager de Transition Directeur Achats H/F - Equipementier automobile
     Rhône-Alpes  -  TEMP  -  Michael Page

Responsable Logistique H/F - Acteur international du secteur agricole
     Seine-et-Marne  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Approvisionneur H/F
     Dunkerque  -  PERM  -  Fed Supply

Assistant Logistique/Régie Douane H/F - Biens de consommation
     Gironde  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Responsable Supply-Chain H/F - Equipementier automobile
     Rouen  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

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