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Request for Proposal

Source : Procurement Glossary
Auteur: Paul Rogers
Institut: CIPS - UK

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A Request for Proposal [RFP] is a market enquiry prepared by the buyer and issued to prospective suppliers for higher value and/or more complex solutions.  The purpose is to invite commercial offers from a number of suppliers in order to secure competition, and to gather information about the supplier’s solutions and capability, and key market intelligence.  The selection of a Request for Proposal as opposed to a Request for Tender usually reflects the fact that the specification is not a conformance specification, which requires complete adherence to the buyer’s standards, but rather that bidders are free to submit potential solutions which meet the performance required.  The evaluation of the RFP may require the buyer to compare alternative approaches to meet the same need, and most buyers structure their documentation such that some elements are to be read, and some elements are to be completed and returned in the format and with the contents requested.  Typically this will include an opportunity for the supplier to confirm acceptance of the buyer’s terms and conditions so that the buyer may win the ‘battle of the forms’.

The use of RFPs has increased significantly as more and more categories and projects have become contestable.  The corollary is that bidders’ success rates tend to be low, with a 20% success rate being unusually high.  Accordingly, some suppliers manage their success rate by only bidding for those RFPs which are clear and demonstrate good governance, and which they believe their company has a reasonable chance of winning.  See also Battle of the Forms, Evaluation, Tender, Invitation to Treat and RFx.





















Offres d'Emploi
Acheteur - Responsable Achat H/F - Leader industriel - Fort Développement
     Haut-Rhin  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Responsable Achats H/F - Industrie/Production
     Béthune  -  TEMP  -  Michael Page

Gestionnaire Approvisionnement H/F - Industrie/Production
     Saint-Denis  -  TEMP  -  Page Personnel

Responsable Achats Groupe H/F - Industrie en développement/Projets
     Cherbourg-Octeville  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Responsable Supply Chain H/F - Industrie
     Calais  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Approvisionneur H/F - Grand Groupe international
     Boulogne-Billancourt  -  TEMP  -  Page Personnel

Gestionnaire Logistique et Transport H/F - Transport et logistique
     Puteaux  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Directeur de Site Logistique H/F - Leader mondial d'équipements industriels
     Montpellier  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Expert Achats Indirects H/F - Conseil achats
     Paris  -  TEMP  -  Michael Page

Responsable Logistique H/F - Transport et logistique
     Mitry-Mory  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Directeur d'Entrepôt Logistique H/F - Transport et logistique
     Saint-Omer  -  TEMP  -  Michael Page

Responsable Supply Chain H/F - Groupe international
     Morbihan  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Directeur Logistique H/F - Groupe international - Distribution spécialisée
     Hauts-de-Seine  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Coordinateur Logistique Client H/F - Automobile
     Orne  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Directeur Planning H/F - Leader FMCG
     Haute-Garonne  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

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